Deb Hanna Photography

What to Wear!

You've booked your family shoot and now you need to know what to wear right? Gone are the days of the matchy matchy outfits for photos- where everyone wears a white shirt and khaki pants (and may I say a little amen on that fact!). So you aren't going to dress all identically but you do want to be dressed in a complimentary way.

Here is rule to help you figure out your outfits. It is the Three Colors Pop rule.

1. Pick three colors (one being a neutral) and put together outfits with those colors only. More than three colors can seem a bit busy. Neutrals include black, white, gray, khaki, etc.

2. Add in an unexpected POP of color. The Pop of color can be in a scarf, a cute shoe, an undershirt poking through, a belt, a hairband or bow or some other accessory.

{I must make a disclaimer: RULES CAN BE BROKEN. and not all of my example families have followed this exactly but it is a great place to start}

Other tips:

1. Think coordinating, not matching. Again, unless you want your family picture to look straight out of 1990, try to not match outfits exactly.

2. Try and pick colors that compliment the surrounding environment. If we are taking the pictures with lots of trees in the background a green pallet might blend too much.

If you want to take this one step further (if you plan on displaying this picture in your home), try and choose colors that will compliment your home decor. I know this seems silly now- but if you are thinking about putting this picture against a certain color wall you may want to avoid clashing colors.

3. Use your brightest colors as accessories. You don’t want the brightest colors detracting from the most important part of the picture: the PEOPLE!

4. It is ok to mix solids and simple patterns. SIMPLE patterns add interest and texture to a picture. You will notice plaid shirts work well to add texture and patterns and don't take away from the focus. If you stick to a color scheme, everything just naturally blends together.

Senior Sessions

For senior sessions we have a lot more freedom. I always tell my clients to bring at least 3 outfits, and have variety. Throw in a dressy outfit, a casual outfit, a sports one if that is important to you as well. We don't know what is going to work or photograph well so better to bring too many than not enough!