Deb Hanna Photography

The Who I Am Projects are special sessions offered to only tween girls ages 10­-13. The tween ages can often be forgotten but it is such a special time, they aren't little kids anymore and certainly aren't all grown up either. The goal is to help tweens look and feel beautiful and have unshakable confidence in themselves as they enter and navigate middle school.

Here's how it works...

  1. Option 1: We will schedule a photo shoot in your house. The pictures will definitely be taken in her room and maybe a few other places that are important to her.
  2. Option 2: We will schedule a photo shoot at my studio in Wilbraham. I will ask you to have her bring items with her that are special and really represent who she is right now.
  3. Before I arrive I will send you a survey of a few questions for your daughter to fill out, so I can get to know her. And shhh don't tell her... there will also be surveys for you and any other important people in her life to fill out as well.
  4. I will then combine the pictures of her and the words from the questionnaires into a beautiful slideshow to share with all of you!
  5. And finally I will return to your house and share this slideshow and possibly a few tears. I will also print out and share the full questionnaires with all of you.

Convinced? and you want in? Please go to the Count me In page to find out the next steps.

Act Fast, these are only offered January- April and then they are gone!

Wondering if this would be right for you? Not sure you believe the hype? I'll let previous sessions do the talking for me.

"The Who I am Project was such an amazing experience for Skylar. She had so much fun during the photo shoot. Deb really did a nice job capturing who Skylar really is through her pictures. When Skylar was surprised with the slide show and book she was smiling from ear to ear. She loved to read what her family and friends wrote about her. This project really helped her to have more confidence in herself. I wish every tween/teen could have this experience. Our family had such a great time filling out the questions about Sky. It gave everyone, including her younger brother a chance to express how we feel about Skylar. This is something that she will have for the rest of her life to look at when she is feeling down about herself. Thank you so much Deb! This was truly a gift for the entire family."

"I signed my 12 year old daughter up for the Who I Am project early this year as I wanted to capture her fleeting tween years in a special way. Maya does not like to have her picture taken. And while she is not shy, she is normally quite reserved, especially around people she doesn't know. I was a little leery as to how Deb would be able to capture the essence of Maya. But she did! Deb immediately got Maya to come out of her shell. Maya couldn't stop laughing the whole time! Deb was able to forever freeze in time who my daughter was at 12 years old. And while Maya is super embarrassed every time I show her video to everyone, she secretly loves that she has it. I've even caught her sitting in her room looking at her photo book, reading the quotes people wrote about her. She doesn't let on, but it's something she treasures. Maya has already changed so much since her photo shoot. I'm forever grateful to Deb and her Who I Am project for capturing her innocence and sass and confidence at the age of 12."

"The whole experience was great! Deb really worked with my daughter to make the shoot special and fun. The pictures Deb took really captured her personality. The quotes from family and friends really tie the project together. My daughter just recently pulled out the album to show relatives during the holidays. It still brings a smile to her face when she's looking at the album and reading the quotes."

And in case you want to see what brings us all to tears... here are two finished videos from last year.