Deb Hanna Photography

YES! I want to do this for my daughter/ niece/

granddaughter/ neighbor! What do I do now?

Wonderful! Let's book this session! We will need to find a day that works to do the photo shoot. Weekdays are the most flexible time for me- so look for in service days, conference days or vacation days were you might have an hour or so open for a shoot- even after school times are great too. I can squeeze a few weekend sessions in too.

I will also require a $100 deposit. If you decide that the experience of the photo shoot, the questionnaires, and the slideshow is all your child needs to feel special and great, then no other financial commitment is needed. If you do choose to purchase items so you have keepsakes of the experience for her to see for years to come, then I will take the $100 deposit off your final order.

Curious what kind of products I am selling for these sessions? Please go to After Party for all the fun info about the slideshow reveal and the special pricing I have made for JUST these sessions.

Let's connect and make this happen!