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Rain Puddle Mini Sessions
Do you know who those cuties are up at the top?  Those are my kids, now teenagers (and I am now a much better photographer). I was thinking back to when my kids were little they LOVED to play in puddles.  They had their favorite umbrellas and rain boots.  The end of our driveway would puddle up and they would spend hours out there.  Jumping and splashing!  By the end they would be soaking wet of course and smiling ear to ear.  I love these pictures.  The Dora the Explorer and lady bug boots- I can hear their squeals and laughs.  I remember the struggle between just letting them get all muddy and gross and my desire to not deal with the aftermath. When my son was a newborn and my daughter was 2.5 years old it was raining and she begged me to go out and jump in puddles.  And so we did.  Me with a baby covered up in the stroller and an umbrella over my head in the rain.  Her jumping from puddle to puddle up and down the street.  A neighbor, a woman I didn't know, opened her door and yelled to me, "you're a great mom!", that was awesome. 


I love these pictures (less than awesome photography and all).  I think you should have these pictures too.  So I will be offering RAIN PUDDLE MINI SESSIONS once the puddles show up.  Your little ones will jump and splash and we will all laugh, and I will capture it all.  Gather their rain boots and umbrellas or let's go barefoot in swim trunks! Mom and Dad of course are welcome to get in on the fun.  If you want to get on the list and be in the know sign up on my mailing list for these sessions below.


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