About Me! - Deb Hanna Photogarphy

About Me!


A good day is when I get to stay in my pajamas until noon (biggest bonus in working from home).

I love to play games!  Board games and card games especially.  But I can't ever resist the newest Lego Video game.

I love to read, and delighted when I roped both my kid into becoming Harry Potter fans.

I am married with two kids- girl and a boy, both teenagers now.   Two cats both boys- admittedly they are both a little jerky.

I recently decided to go grey rather than fight the fight anymore.  That means right now my hair is ombre- but not in a cool way.

I never set out to become a photographer or start my own business, it just sort of happened and I couldn't be happier with this turn of fate.  When I first met my husband he was the one with the passion for photography, so our friends who knew us "back then" find it amusing that I am now the one with a camera in my hand.

I love to laugh.  I promise we will laugh during our sessions, I get a little silly and crazy- if you are looking for a zen like experience then I am not your photographer.  But if you want to leave a session thinking that was really fun- then please give me a call!




Photo credits to Danielle Shaunessey Photogpraphy