Apr 20th

A little chilly fun | Springfield, MA portrait photographer

Met with this sweet family yesterday morning.  Unfortunately Spring is still refusing to sprung- so we had to make it a quickie.  I have to give a shout out to Miss A and Mr T who were very good sports and wonderful big cousins to these adorable cuties!  I told the Moms ahead of time that I since these pictures are a present to their mom they should be prepared to get in a few shots- and they did!!  So happy!  So here is my little early Easter post- have a wonderful holiday to all who are celebrating.

cousins 2

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Apr 5th

Sale? Did someone say Sale??

I am going to be offering some new products.  I need to order a few samples in order to photograph them to show everyone.  I was thinking maybe you all would like to be my samples!  So I am offering a 40% discount on any of  these items purchased this week.

So what are these products??

1) a DVD slideshow of your entire gallery set to music presented in a custom DVD case.  These are normally priced at $125- like this one:

2)  custom 5×7 image box with 20 5×7 prints from your session.  Regular price = $200- it would look like this (but so much cuter with your images):

3) Canvas Prints.  I have reduced the cost of my canvas prints recently (found a new printer) and with the additional 40% this is a FABULOUS time to try out Canvas prints in your home. Regular prices Canvas sized up to 20″ = $175  Up to 30″= $250  Up to 36″ = $325

4) Albums.  I recently started offering albums and I had one printed as an example.  It is sooo nice.  It has a leather cover and lay flat pages.  I would love to print and photograph some more.  The books come in 2 sizes- 8×8 and 10×10 and two different amounts- 5 two page spreads or 10 two page spreads.   The costs are 8×8 (5) $175, 8×8 (10) $275, 10×10 (5) $195, 10×10 (10) $325.  I am happy to use images from any or all of your previous sessions- doesn’t have to be just one session.  Here are some pictures I have taken- quickly- of the sample album I have:


You will use code  New Products to receive the discount on any of these items.  This is not just for 2014 or 2013 sessions- I am happy to upload a gallery from any session if you are interested.  So email me at debhanna at charter dot net or call me 413-596-4158 and I will set up your gallery and talk you through if you need help.


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Mar 25th

Jessica turns 13!

Woo Hoo!




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